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Work after furlough.

A free furlough eBook for re-onboarding with empathy.

Furlough sucks. This tool will help it suck less. 


What is this eBook about?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to make the hard choice to furlough 60% of our US workforce to keep our company going. During the unprecedented process of bringing furloughed folks back after being gone for 5-6 weeks—we learned a thing or two—and now we want to share those learnings with you.


Why should I download this eBook?

So you can learn from our mistakes and triumphs from re-onboarding our staff back from furlough. In 23 pages, you’ll find distilled wisdom from every level of our organization around re-onboarding furloughed folks. What worked, what didn’t, and everything in between. We haven't left anything out...even if it means sharing mistakes we’re not proud of.


Who is this eBook for?

Everyone in your organization! It's a quick read and will provide valuable insights for you and your team. If you're bringing people back from furlough—or you're a furloughed employee about to return to work—this FREE 23-page ebook is for you.


Rebuilding with Empathy

  • Managers, leaders, and employees who weren’t furloughed:
    Get in the right headspace to bring people back with a heaping spoonful of empathy.
  • Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion folks:
    A few simple steps can humanize the whole process and make things go much more smoothly.
  • Recently furloughed employees:
    Step back into your work with a clear head and realistic expectations.

In this eBook you'll find:

  • Questions that managers/leaders should and should NOT ask re-onboarded folks
  • A visual timeline of the two-week structure we used to re-onboard furloughed employees
  • The #1 thing we recommend furloughed folks do when they get back to work

...and much more!