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The mission:

Bring humanity back to the workplace.

By improving the behaviors of employees through technology and facilitated training experiences—organizations become more inclusive, resilient, and successful.

We're obsessed with helping companies achieve high-performance and high-reliability cultures that win in the marketplace.

Hear about Culture+'s impact from our work with BioBridge Global.


Meet the founding team of Culture+®


Mohammad Anwar

CEO | Founding member


Lydia Hutchings Bardin

Founding member


Chris Pitre

Founding member


Ashley Vega

Founding member


Jeff Ma

Founding member


Kristen Khan

Founding member


Frank Danna

Founding member

The story so far (1/6)

Our founding team, led by CEO Mohammad Anwar, started out at Softway—a technology company that Mohammad founded in 2003.

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The story so far (2/6)

The company found early success, but by 2015, Mohammad had driven it into the ground as result of his behavior and the toxic work environment he had created. Close to bankruptcy and face-to-face with the closure of Softway, Mohammad realized how much harm he had caused and set out on a mission to better himself for the people he led.

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The story so far (3/6)

Since then, we’ve worked hard to rebuild Softway’s culture and business, creating experiences and tools to support company-wide cultural transformations.

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The story so far (4/6)

What started as an internal initiative caught the attention of our clients—and has since become a shared journey for thousands of leaders around the world spanning a variety of industries. 

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The story so far (5/6)

We documented that journey (and all of our mistakes and successes to date) in our WSJ bestselling book Love As A Business Strategy.

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The story so far (6/6)

In 2021, we formed Culture+® as a standalone organization fully dedicated to our mission: Bring humanity back to the workplace.

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Grounded by our Culture+ Framework

Everything we offer at Culture+® is guided by our Framework, a proven methodology utilized by global organizations to bring humanity to their workplaces.


Explore the Culture+ Framework

Learn more about our bestselling book.

Written by four of the founding members of Culture+®, Love as a Business Strategy offers a new, people-first framework for achieving any business outcome. A better way of doing business is possible. Get ready to ditch the status quo and embrace humanity.



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