The key to leadership
resilience for 2021

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Strengthen productivity, find new ways to sell, and keep your business profitable through uncertainty with this free leadership ebook.

In it, you'll find simple ways to build a foundation of resilience that can position your company and culture to withstand any crisis.

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What do successful leaders and teams have in common? Adaptability. In uncertain times, adaptability is a superpower. Let us show you how to unlock it. 

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Why does resilience matter? Because change is the new normal. If your leadership isn't paired with a culture of resilience—you won't be prepared for whatever happens next.

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How do you keep productivity, performance, and morale up in the face of these turbulent times? This ebook provides examples and tips that you can put to use right away.


This year has totally sucked. But it's also unlocked our super power.

In March, our clients began pausing work—driving our revenue to a near standstill. With a team of hundreds in the U.S. and India, we had some tough decisions to make.

Instead of layoffs, we opted to furlough 60 percent of our U.S. office in order to save the business.

At the same time, we completely changed our business strategy, including our entire team structure—all while suddenly shifting to completely remote operations.

We aimed to find solutions that were true to who we were as an organization. Widespread adoption of this new direction was only possible through mutual trust and radical transparency—and an acceptance that our operations must adapt to survive. Together, our team built a culture of resilience.

In this free ebook, we show you how you can do it, too.

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“With empathy and love as a business strategy, employees aren’t just happier. They are more trusting of one another, more resilient—and ultimately more productive.”

- Mohammad Anwar, CEO of Softway

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In this ebook, we’ll share trust-based principles to help you meet goals that can make your organization more resilient in the face of uncertainty. 

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