Free webinar!

Reliable Leadership during the pandemic in NYC.

Free webinar!

Reliable Leadership during the pandemic in NYC.

Leadership insights from the epicenter of the pandemic.
As they say, "Crisis can be one of the best teachers." 

In Webinar #5 of our Reliable Leadership Series, we're hosting the CEO and CMO, Jon Sendach and Michael Gitman, of Northshore University Hospital to discuss how reliability influenced the effectiveness of their hospital's COVID response. 

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Meet your webinar hosts:

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Rod Brace, Ph.D., MBA
Founding partner, Relia Healthcare Advisors


Michael Shabot,

Founding partner, Relia Healthcare Advisors

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Frank Danna
Director of Culture & Seneca, Softway


With featured guests:

Jon Sendach

Jon Sendach, FACHE
Executive Director, North Shore University Hospital

Michael Gitman

Michael Gitman, MD, FACP
Medical Director, North Shore University Hospital

Here's what you can expect from this free webinar:


What behaviors and mindsets set reliable leaders apart?—during crises and during normal times?

Leaders are guideposts. In normal times and during crisis, it's their behaviors and mindsets that set the tone, and can inspire confidence or consternation. So what behaviors and mindsets make reliable leaders more effective and influential?


Why is reliability instrumental in being agile in the face of crisis?—even in minimizing future crises, too?

At the outset of the pandemic, there was uncertainty, a need to create new processes and pivot longstanding ones—and it all needed to happen fast. Why was reliability so instrumental in our guests' ability to adapt roles and create new processes ad hoc?


How can you shift your mindset to be more reliable? And furthermore, how can you inspire the same in others? 

When it comes to changing processes and procedures, and adapting roles and responsibilities, change doesn't always begin where you think: with mindsets. So how can you shift your mindset to make these changes happen?—and shift the minds of others to sustain change?

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Softway is the company bringing humanity back to the workplace. As a co-host of Seneca Leaders, Frank has traveled the globe helping over 1,400 leaders become the most effective forces for their teams.


Frank Danna
Director of Culture & Seneca

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Facilitated by our culture expert.
Vetted by healthcare leaders.

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