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How High Reliability Science and Practice Prevents Patient Harm

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Consumerism in a Post-Pandemic World

What are some of the key challenges presented by consumerism and what has changed since last year? What does this have to do with healthcare? Get answers to these questions and more. 

Companies are having to adapt faster than ever as business, healthcare, and consumer trends evolve. Chief Growth Officer at Endeavor Management, John McKeever joins us to talk about what we can learn from industries that are adapting and evolving to meet the new demands of consumers.


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Rod Brace, Ph.D., MBA
Founding partner, Relia Healthcare Advisors


Michael Shabot,

Founding partner, Relia Healthcare Advisors


Lydia Bardin
Project Lead, Softway


With featured guest:



John McKeever
Chief Growth Officer 
Endeavor Management

Here's what you can expect from this free webinar:


What is reliable leadership? And what's its role in strategic planning?

Successful strategy is sometimes less about the plan itself, and more about how the plan is engineered, communicated, implemented, and altered when necessary. What makes reliable leaders better at strategy planning?


Why is reliable leadership more important than ever? 

In an ever-evolving industry landscape, change comes fast. And leadership behaviors are becoming increasingly crucial to successful strategic planning. Why are behaviors so often overlooked as drivers of successful strategy? 


How can you get more employees bought into the why?

Employees who feel included in the why behind strategic plans feel more committed to them. They are not only bought in, but feel like they have agency in advancing the strategy. The big question: How can you get more employees bought into the why?

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Softway is the company bringing humanity back to the workplace. As a co-host of Seneca Leaders, Frank has traveled the globe helping over 1,400 leaders become the most effective forces for their teams.


Frank Danna
Director of Culture & Seneca

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