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What does Seneca Leaders have to do with healthcare?


So you may be asking yourself, what does Seneca Leaders have to do with healthcare? It's because creating an environment of zero-harm and safe care starts with reliable leadership. It's not about just creating a safe and zero-harm environment for your patients, but for everyone. Your co-workers and your teammates included. Whether they're physicians, nurses, or even your housekeeping staff. And leadership is leadership, whether it's a traditional organization or healthcare, because people are people at the end of the day, and the leader's role is to serve the people around them. And so we believe Seneca Leaders is the solution that is needed to ensure that we can aspire for zero-harm environments.

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Creating organizations with a focus on being highly reliable requires a focus on behaviors and mindsets, just as much as process and procedure.

Patient Safety

Reducing patient incidents can be as simple as focusing on culture and improving leadership behaviors.

Patient Experience

Similarly, patient experience is a direct reflection on an organization's culture.