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How does culture impact patient experience?


A great culture at a healthcare system leads to a better patient experience because employees and clinicians are far more engaged and satisfied with their job as a result of a good culture. And so when your employees are highly engaged and satisfied your patients feel the difference.

This concept is not very different from the customer experience you may have had at a fast food restaurant. For example, you visit a fast food restaurant and you’re interacting with a cashier who is taking your order and does not seem to be engaged, seems distracted or not happy. And they don’t greet you, smile at you, or thank you. They eventually end up taking your order. And when you do receive your order, it’s wrong. It’s not the right thing that you ordered. Horrible customer experience, right?

Now think about that, with the clinician disengaged at the workplace. Because they’re not happy at their current workplace, it leads to poor patient experience.


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